Aohua Endoscope

High Manufacturing Quality

(CBI) Compound Band ImagingĀ - Innovative optical technology developed by AOHUA. The CBI technology allows acquiring the image with chromoendoscopic method without use of dye.

Video Processor

    • Voltage 220v
    • The compact units have an integrated display system the provides clear viewing at any angle
    • Space-saving for the operation
    • The Surgical equipment is compatible with all of the series
    • All in one design for the advanced veterinary examination
    • Voltage: 220v. Equipped with monitor
    • Providing convenience for getting high quality images
    • Easy Operation
    • Freeze image function
    • USB output for laptop/PC
    • Voltage: 200v. Compatible with OTV.
    • AOHUA VET-OR1000R is based on the newest digital technology with optionally available camera head, which can be connected to any flexibale fiber endoscopes or rigid endoscopes.


With their extended length and sleek design, Aohua multipupose veterinary endoscopes are ideal for numerous small animal applications
    • Working Length: 1000mm
    • Diameter of distal-end: 4.9mm
    • Diameter of instrument channel: 1.5mm
    • Range of bending: U160 Degrees D130 Degrees
    • Working length: 1000m
    • Diameter of distal-end: 5.9mm
    • Diameter of insttrument channel: 2.0mm
    • Range of bending: U160 Degrees D130 Degrees
    • Working length: 1500mm
    • Diameter of instrument channel: 2.0mm
    • Range of bending: U210 Degres D90 Degrees R/L100 Degrees
    • Working Length: 1500mm
    • Diameter of distal-end: 9mm
    • Diameter of instrumental channel: 2.8mm
    • Range of bending: U210 Degrees, D90 Degrees, R/L 100*
    • Working length: 3000mm
    • Diameter of distal-end: 12.8mm
    • Diameter of intrumental channel: 3.7mm
    • Range of Bending: U/D180 Degrees, R/L 160 Degrees
    • Working Length: 3000mm
    • Diameter of distal-end: 9.6mm
    • Diameter of instrument channel: 2.8mm
    • Range on bending: U210 Degrees, D90 Degrees, R/L 100 Degrees
    • Working Length: 3500mm
    • Diameter of distal-end: 12.8mm
    • Diameter of instrument channel: 3.7mm
    • Range of bending: U/D 180 Degress, R/L 160 Degrees

Endoscope Monitor

Real and precise video restoration, high brightness, high contrast ratio and broad field on view, which ensure its imaging effect in minimal invasive and surgical environment and provide doctors with reliable support for details obeservation. A variety of video input and output interfaces, which fully comply with the requirments of all sorts of endoscopy rooms, ORs and ICUs and Satisfy the installation structure of high purification grade standard like ORs etc., and is fully compatible with OR installation

  • Model: E-190
  • Screen Size: 19 Inches
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Support Color: 1.07 Billion
  • Pixel Size: 0.294mm
  • Contrast Ration: 600:1
  • Brightness: 600cd/m2
  • Medical device curve: > 3 pieces of different medical device curves
  • Metal Shell: High intensity, High Reliability, High Interference Resistance
  • Input Signal: DVI-D, VGA, CVBS, S-VIDEO, Ypbpr, RGBD
  • Output Signal: DVI-D, CVBS, S-VIDEO, Ypbpr, RGBS