Weld WED 3100V

Digital Ultrasound

The digital veterinary ultrasound scanner is a high resolution linear and convex ultrasound device. It adopts several functions like micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming (DBF), real time dynamic aperture (RDA), real time dynamic receiving apodization, dynamic receiving focusing (DRF) and digital frequency scan (DFS).


  • The digital veterinary ultrasound scanner has PAL-D video output and it counts with mainframe, probe and adapter. The standard configuration of the digital veterinary ultrasound scanner comes with 6.5 MHz rectal probe, C1-11/50R/3.5 MHz Convex, C1-12/20R/5.0 MHz Convex and L1-5/7.5MHz HF linear is optional

Techinical Specifications

  • Scanning Mode: Convex/Linear/Micro-convex
  • Cine-loop: ≥ 400 frames
  • Standard Configuration:
    • 6.5 MHz Rectal Linear Probe
  • Optional Configuration:
    • R50/3.5 MHz Convex
    • R20/5.0 MHz Micro-Convex
    • 7.5 MHz HF Linear
  • Display Depth: ≥ 220 mm
  • Display Mode: B, B+B, B+M, B+2M, M, 4B
  • Operation Interface: Chinese-English, adjustable
  • TGC: Near Field, Far Field, Total Gain
  • Image Control: Left-right, up-down, brightness, contrast, focus number, focal position
  • Image Process: Pseudo color, gray correction, image smoothen , histogram
  • Real-time Depth: Multi-level adjustable
  • Common Measurement: Distance, circumference, area, volume
  • Obstetric Measurement: GA for equine, bovine, sheep, swine, cat, dog
  • Report: Reports automatically generated
  • Body Marks: ≥ 16 types
  • TFT-LCD Display Size: 5"
  • Notation: Date, time, name, sex, age, hospital full screen words edit
  • Battery Working Time: ≥ 3 hours
  • Port: Video, mouse, USB2.0