Chison Q9 Vet

Set The New Standard Of Excellence

Conventional color Doppler ultrasound system using single beamformer technology, thus using one beamformer to process one group of echo signal for imaging. While Chison Q9 VET using multi-beamformer technology, that is using multi beamformer to process one group of echo signal which can greatly improve the speed of imaging processing, especially enhance CFM frame rate.


    • A New Class of System
      New standard in terms of image quality and solutions meets the Veterinary application requirement
    • Two Probe Connectors
      Two probe connected to the systems allow fast selection and activation as well as extended range of applications even in the portable configuratio
    • High Performance 15" LCD Monitor
      The most latest LCD technology encure clear image visualization and minimum
    • Eyestrain Ergonomic Design
      Current color scheme and mode - dependent controls give you comfortable operation
    • Available with Cart. Viewing Angle Adjustable
      When positioned on the stationary trolleys, it offers the consistency of a standard console system
    • Great Portability
      Q9 Offers a wide range of trolleys and accessories providing the freedom to bring it wherever you need and whenever you want.
    • Vet Dedicated Software
      Expert veterinary preset, measurement and bodymark.
    • State of the art image technology
      Multiple beam former, Compoung imaging, THI, Advances Color filter Technology
    • 18MHz Linear Probe
      Provide great image for small pets
    • Intelligent Workflow
      One key optimization, Automatic PW Trace in real time
    • Complete cardiac package
      HPRF, CW, Steer M Mode, Color M Mode, TDI Mode
    • Conventional color doppler ultrasoung system using single breamformer technology, thus using one beamformer to process one group of echo signal for imaging
    • Increase the line density and improve image quality
    • Improve the contrast resolution
    • Decrease the sidewall effect of the edge on the tissue and make the edge of the anotomical structure more distinguishable
    • Provide great image for small pets
    • SRA is the techinique that uses a variety of denoising algorithm to supress speckle, smooth the B mode images and make the faint edge more appearing

Great Image Quality