CHISON ECO3 Vet Ultrasound

The new definition of high-end B&W

The Chison ECO3VET black and white portable veterinary ultrasound machine is one of the few non-color systems to have Pulsed Wave Doppler. This makes it very unique in its category and price range.


  • Ultra-Compact
  • Full digital beam-former
  • Harmonic imaging(THI)
  • Built-in lithium battery(re-chargeable by car)
  • Water-proof cover for the keyboard( optional )
  • i-imageTM
  • SRA
  • Chroma, Trapezoid imaging, Compound image


  • Application: (Large Animal: Reproduction, Tendon) (Small Animal: Abdomen, Small parts, Basic cardiology)
  • Display Modes: B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M
  • Image Technology: Compound Imaging, Trapezoid imaging, Chrome, i-image, THI, SRA
  • Probe Frequency: 2,5MHz - 11MHz (Depending on probes types)
  • Cine Loop: 256 Frames
  • Zoom: 4 Steps
  • Measurement Packages: (Canine: GS, CRL, HD, BD) (Feline: HD, BD) (Equine: GS) (Bovine: BPB, CRL, Trunk Diamete) (Ovine: BPD, CRL, Trunk diameter)
  • Archives Management: Patient information management, Patient images record, Patient exam report.
  • Documentation: Full screen documentation: Hospital Name, Patient Name, Date/Time, Annotation database available, Pre-saved phrases can be recalled
  • Power Supply: AC 240C - 100V, 5MHz - 60MHz
  • Standard Configuration: Main unit + L7M-A Linear (5.3MHz - 10.0MHz) probe + Double probe connectors + 3 USB Ports + VGA Port + Video Port + Built-in Battery, LAN-port
  • Optional: 320G Hard Disk, DICOM 3.0, Anti-water keyboard cover, Carry Bag (BG-100), Support PC Printer (HP P2055D), TR-800

Great Image Quality